From the recording In The Valley of the Blues

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Recorded by Eliud Atondo at E&M Studios. Mixed and Mastered by Rogelio Gzz
at La Roca Sound Lab Studios.
Acoustic Guitar, Vocals - Kim Archer
Lead Guitar, Vocals - Brian Feist
Drums - Andrew Cloutier
Bass - Jerome Gates


Valley of the Blues - ©2022 Kim & Brian

Sometimes I wake in the morning
Like a ton of bricks
Can't make my spirit rise
And my mind starts playing tricks
That's what I think about you baby
And why I had to lose
When you up and left me darling
In the valley of the Blues

In the middle of winter time
When the lights fade so fast
And the rain comes pouring down
You know my heart is stuck in the past
I wish this rain could wash away my memory
Of the other life you had to choose
When I reached and couldn't find you
In the valley of the Blues

Lord I don't blame you baby
I can see the reasons why
You left me when my soul was weary
Underneath a dark and dreary sky
But why do you have to linger on
Just like the sweetest perfume
Because you're everywhere I look here darling
Here in the valley of the Blues