1. Worlds Apart

From the recording In The Valley of the Blues

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Recorded by Eliud Atondo at E&M Studios. Mixed and Mastered by Rogelio Gzz
at La Roca Sound Lab Studios.
Acoustic Guitar, Vocals - Kim Archer
Lead Guitar, Vocals - Brian Feist
Drums - Andrew Cloutier
Bass - Jerome Gates


Worlds Apart - ©2022 Kim & Brian

Early this morning
You packed your bags
Said you had to get away
I know Iím gonna miss you, baby
I only wish youíd stay

It never made much sense to me
You said you will but now you wonít
It was clear in our last kiss
You said you did, but now you donít

Yeah your,
Leaving me behind
I only wish that you would change your mind
And Iím so confused
Cause weíre so many worlds apart
Me and you

Oh ñ the time will come
Again my friend
I believe Iíll find sweet love again
It looks like weíve finally reached the end
Thereís only timeÖand time will mend

Gonna welcome the morning sun
Feel her warmth on my face
I know Iíve gotta move on, baby
Iíve gotta find a new place

Yeah, Iím leaving you behind
No, Iím not gonna change my mind
No longer confused
Cause we're too many worlds apart, me and you.