Kim&Brian - Monterey Court Cafe Studio

Monterey Court Studio, 505 W Miracle Mile, Tuscon


These two life-long musicians and honest songwriters capture the spectrum of life in their stories, then deliver them with musical grit and transparent emotion...and it is something addicting. This is original rock music. This is Kim&Brian.

Whether they’re breaking into a sultry vibe, or locking into a straight-ahead groove, you believe every word and feel every lick in their skillfully crafted, original songs. Kim&Brian is an original, soulful, power duo created by Kim Archer and Brian Feist. These lifelong, Tacoma-based artists have been professional performers, songwriters and musicians for more than half their lives, giving them the ability and music catalog to please any type of audience. Whether they’re playing an intimate venue showcasing their solid original songs, or holding a festival-sized audience captive, Kim&Brian’s level of musicianship and experience in connecting with the audience is what sets them apart from other live artists.